Adjustable Sofa/Futons


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  • Adjustable Sofa/Futons

    Conroe 3PC Set *NEW ARRIVAL*


    Description: Sofa with Drop Down, Loveseat Recliner, reclining Chair, Soft-Plush Fabric.

    Sold as a 3PC Set Only.

    Retail Code: 3PC Set 79497

  • Adjustable Sofa/Futons

    Monrose 3PC Off-White


    Description: Sofa drop down table, Loveseat features console with Stainless Steel Cupholder, Recliner Chair. 5 Recliner total.

    Retail Code 3PC: 78997

  • Adjustable Sofa/Futons

    Lexington911 – BLACK (2PC ONLY)


    3pc Living room Set in thick black Leather Gel Material. Thick off-white contrast stitching.

    Sofa with Drop Down Wood Panel and Cup holders

    Love-seat with Console and 2 Rockers

    Recliner Chair with Rocker and Swivel

    Retail Code:

    3PC SET 78997

    2PC SET 77297


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